Resume Tips

Resume Tips For Sales Professionals

The Normyle/Erstling Health Search Group has put together a list of tips on writing an effective SALES resume. These valuable insights are based on more than 60 years of collective experience in placing sales professionals within the Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Health Care industries.

Resume Dos

Do list in "bullet" format (using standard bullets or "*") as many quantifiable accomplishments and achievements as possible.

Do put your "bulleted" accomplishments and achievements directly under the position wherein they occurred, not in a separate section for all of your previous and current jobs.

Do use the month, as well as the year, on all positions.

Do put your year of graduation on your resume.

Do put in your college GPA if it is 3.0 or over and you are less than 6-7 years out of school.

Do put your education information at the end of the resume if you are more than five years past graduation.

Do have someone proofread for spelling and other potential errors.

Resume Don'ts

Don't use the "functional" resume format. The "chronological" format, with your current position on top with a brief job description, and then "bulleted" accomplishments and achievements, has proven to be much more effective for SALES resumes.

Don't go overboard on long job descriptions. Simply state: what you are selling, to whom, and in what territory.

Don't use wordy, lengthy paragraphs.

Don't use the first person.  Never say "I," "mine," "my," etc.

Don't mention an associate's degree if you have a bachelor's degree.

Don't leave any unexplained gaps between positions or between college and first job.

Don't worry about going to two pages if you have so many accomplishments and achievements that it is necessary.

Don't put anything on your resume that is not factual, honest and true (very good chance of getting caught).

Don't waste space with the line: "References available upon request." (It is a given and understood).

Don't waste space with a "Summary of Qualifications."  They are never read and always obviously self-serving.

Don't use a fancy or unconventional font/type face. Times New Roman or Arial is best!

We look forward to receiving your Resume … matching your expertise with a rewarding position for your next career move.