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Employer support you can depend on

Serving the medical, pharmaceutical, and consumer healthcare industry with sales recruitment since 1987.
The Normyle/Erstling Health Search Group has been in business since 1987 serving the medical, pharmaceutical, and consumer healthcare industry with NATIONWIDE sales recruitment. Throughout the years, we have maintained our reputation as a premier contingency sales recruitment firm meeting our clients’ needs with services, personal attention and technological advancements second to none.

How we help

To stay current and competitive, you may be updating, reevaluating or honing in on your hiring practices and headcount. More than ever before you need a reputable contingency sales recruitment partnership to help you …

  • Save internal resources: how valuable is your time and energy expenditure?
  • Land a Sales Superstar: how would you affect your company’s bottom line by hiring a proven sales hero as opposed to just another average sales person?
  • Shorten the hiring cycle: how many months will it take you to successfully fill a vacancy in your sales force?

Why choose the Normyle/Erstling Health Search Group

  • The time associated with filling a position internally versus through a recruiting firm is typically a much lengthier process. Have you calculated the costs associated with job postings and the time dedicated to weeding through resumes and conducting initial phone screens? Are you finding the majority of candidates are not a fit in compensation, do not possess the right skills, or do not have the sales documentation the job requires? We can save you the time and money by sourcing, screening, and presenting only the most qualified candidates.
  • Our firm is comprised of both researchers and recruiters specific only to your industry. We use our twenty years of networking experience to recruit qualified, talented, and prescreened candidates, many in the NY/NJ metro area whom we meet face-to-face.
  • The difference to your bottom line in hiring an average sales representative versus a superstar can be significant! Currently, there are a lot of “active” candidates on the market, many of whom have been laid off due to poor sales performance. There is no value in getting candidates you can find on a job board or someone who is applying to every job posting on the internet. Instead, we find you individuals who are gainfully employed and successful in their current sales roles -- but open to the right opportunity. We also recruit out of any companies you request, provided they are not on our restricted client list.
  • We competently handle confidential or diversity recruitment initiatives. For these searches we assist you while maintaining the appropriate level of confidentiality and professionalism.

Get in touch today

Please contact our President, Doug Johnson, directly at 201-843-6009 to further explore our services. We wish your company continued success and prosperity and hope to become an integral part of your organization’s hiring practices for sales reps, sales managers, and clinical specialists anywhere in the U.S.

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