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The Interview Process - The Normyle/Erstling Health Search Group

Vital information you need to help you prepare for the interview

Before Your Interview - Prepare

This is the vital information you will need to gather to prepare for your interview:

During Your Interview - Interview Success Tips

Be ready to answer questions like:

Ending Your Interview - Closing Strategies

Ask for the position if you are interested:

“This has been an informative meeting for me. I am very interested in this position and feel I can contribute to your goals. Is now a good time to schedule our next meeting?”

Emphasize strongly that you want to work for the company and why:

  • Why you are interested in the position.
  • What you can do for the company.
  • How this opportunity fits your career goals.
  • How this position can offer you growth.
  • Summarize your accomplishments and how they can be applied to this position.

If the position is offered to you, and you want it, accept it on the spot. If you wish time to think it over, be courteous and tactful in asking for that time. Set a definite date when you can provide an answer.

Say, “I am very interested in this opportunity and am prepared to accept an offer if one is extended.”

Express thanks for the interviewer’s time and consideration of you.

  • Ask for the job — CLOSE HARD!
  • Ask for the interviewer’s business card so you can write a thank you letter as soon as possible

The Interview Process - Summary


  • Deal mainly with facts about ability to do the job.
  • Why person is leaving current job and history of territory.
  • Does employment history withstand scrutiny.
  • Determination of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Do as much "homework" and research on the opportunity and market as you can prior to the interview.
  • CLOSE! Ask for the next step in the process. Try to get the interviewer to raise some possible concerns/ objections to your candidacy.


  • Deal with facts, judgment, emotional maturity, and manageability.
  • Stress self-esteem, business comprehension, team player, organization skills, time management, ability, energy, stamina, how you handle failure and rejection, and how you stay motivated.
  • Ask intelligent, pertinent questions.
  • Do more homework/research between interviews. Try to speak to a few customers, Hospitals and/or Physicians, if you can. Don't just research on the internet!
  • CLOSE! Ask for the job! Again, try to get the interviewer to raise some possible concerns/objections to your candidacy


  • Re-probe areas, tie up loose ends.
  • Talk about compensation and career path.
  • CLOSE! Ask for the job! Again, try to get the interviewer to raise some possible concerns/objections to your candidacy.


Call your recruiter immediately after the interview and communicate what transpired. It is important to "beat the interviewer" back to the recruiter to demonstrate strong follow-up skills and your high level of interest and enthusiasm!